Aamora Guest Artist : Maura Wolfson-Foster

Catching the Bus

by Aamora Guest Maura Wolfson-Foster

1/17/10. Woke up early. Drove my parents’ beige 2000 Lincoln Continental (our transportation these days) to Pepboy’s. They were short a mechanic and the wait was going to be 2 to 3 hours. I asked if it would be better to come in the next morning and they said, ‘Okay….around 8:30.”


On my way there I had noticed a painted bus but held myself back from taking a photo. When I came out, I was so happy to see the bus still parked there. I was trying to get my camera out of the bag when the bus started to pull away. All I could think about was “Aaron & Aamora…” I had to get those pix!


Jumped into the car and started following. Every time the bus stopped I would snap a photo. Stayed right behind for at least a mile until the bus pulled into the Avenues Shopping Mall and parked. I pulled up on the left side, leapt out and proceeded to photograph (even though there were cops there and the tag on the Lincoln is from 2007).


A few minutes later, the driver got out of the bus and asked, “May I help you?” I replied, “I’m just a crazy artist and this is such a cool bus…I…I followed you.” He said, “I know.” I asked if he minded me taking a few pictures. He said, “No”. I asked if he wanted to be in one. He said, “No”. I thanked him and took a few more photos.


So, these are the result of my quest. I think I should have been a photojournalist, because I’ll do almost anything to get the shot.



Maura Wolfson-Foster received her B.F.A. from Bennington College in Vermont. Maura says it was there she learned to “see” and ‘listen” abstractly. Before that, Maura studied in NYC with Daniel Green, a well-known portrait artist; total realism, oil paints, “live” models, also, posed as a painter’s model during that period.

Maura owned Embellishments, a business created from being inspired by a small Indian mosaic frame found in the gift shop of the Jacksonville Museum of Art for 12 years. Now photography has become her salvation.

View more of Maura’s photography at JPG Magazine.

22 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Artist : Maura Wolfson-Foster”

  1. Nice portfolio! Full of colour and detail. And congratulations for your valor and your determination in obtaining what you want.

  2. …..or, a carpetbag ~ !!! 🙂
    Dear Crystal,
    I am thrilled that you took the time to comment on my adventure with “The Bus”. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say you are a source of wisdom, nay inspiration, for the masses.
    In my darkest hours and days before joining Aamora I needed a lifeline to survive,and a guiding light to show me the way.That lifeline and light came from you, Crystal – your values and beliefs, and what I learned from remarkable people throughout my life who dedicated their lives to “repair-ing the world” at great personal sacrifice. And what better goal can we aspire to than repairing the world?
    I could go on, and on….but I think you get my point.

    Thank you so very much.

    Respectfully yours,

    ~ Maura

    @Crystal Lamont

  3. You have an eye for the colorful and outrageous, Miss Maura Wolfson-Foster, and I like that. Personally, I would take one of these shots to a fabric designer and see if he could recreate that wild zoo on a piece of chintz. What a charming bedspread it would make. Or a frock for a Saturday outing in the Lincoln Continental.

  4. Love these images, and I can perfectly understand your urge to follow that crazy bus, Maura, and I am sure that you would be an excellent photojournalist. Keep up the good spirit!

  5. I am excited to be in such good company…thank you Catharine, Ronnie & Alexis. Your works inspire me so! xo, ~ M

  6. I love what you did here Maura – leading us from that wonderful opening image through a series of lovely abstracts and then back out. Great essay!

  7. Wonderful colours Maura! Please chase buses on a regular basis, we’ll be here, waiting to see the results!!

  8. “Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus, Magic Bus…
    I want the Magic Bus, I want the Magic Bus, I want the Magic Bus…”

    Now I’m gonna have that tune in my head…like ya know…these pics are so cool…and you runnin’ the voodoo down in your Continental and all…crazy cool…Look at you…the apple in Aamora’s eye.

  9. Maura, you will do again for the shot! High energy story and impactful compositions… LOve it! More please…

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