Aamora Featured Artist August 2012: Alison Cronin

Aamora Featured Artist August 2012

Alison Cronin

Chasing time, we see the echoes of our own pasts and futures in the faces of others.

The skin we inhabit is not just our own, it is cast off from those who preceded us, and borrowed from those who follow.

{In The Shadow of My Ancestors}
{Echo of a Hundred Years Later}
{Three Out of Five}
{Someone To Watch Over Me}}
{Making Space}

Aamora featured artist Alison Cronin explores movement through both space and time as a form of communication. Using images sourced from photographs, from the present day dating back to the nineteenth century, and a variety of media and techniques.

Her latest body of work is based on the faces and lives of a handful of generations within her own family. ¬†The work we are featuring this month from her are from her collection called, “Shedding Skins”.

You can find more of Alison’s work at her website or on tumblr.