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Having grown up in an age without digital, technology fascinates me. I would never have guessed when I was attending photography night school at the age of 13 that the old Asahi Pentax my grandparents bought from an auction would become a distant dusty memory on a shelf and be replaced by not even a camera but a phone which takes pictures.

A phone which takes pictures and fits in your pocket and even has access to basically any information you would ever need, oh and with the press of a few buttons it’s kind of like a dark room too!! …. narrrr never, not in my lifetime!!!!

Well it’s here and let the haters hate, I love it, I love the fact it’s with me 24/7, I love the fact, it’s in my pocket and within a few seconds I can capture an image I might otherwise miss, I love the fact I can instantly see the results and I love the fact I can show them to my friends and other photographers all over the world, near enough instantly. I feel like my interest in photography has been worth every lost or ruined film roll, every cropped head and every over or under exposed spectacular piece of scenery.

Ain’t technology great???

Another of my loves is architecture, I spend my time when in any town or city looking up, I stare in awe and wonder at how craftsmen managed to place or carve a stone a hundred years ago, probably risking life and limb in the pursuit of grandeur, which today goes mostly unrecognised, however, today’s architecture is just a fascinating for me, the sheer size, shapes and designs of these buildings are out of this world.

Now… when old and new are put side by side or merged together …. well… that’s just pure architecture porn!!

So, with all the above put together I decided to start an Instagram page showcasing what I think are some interesting architectural delights and sights mainly around my home City of Leeds U.K. but also featuring interesting buildings around other U.K cities and towns all gathered on my travels.

At this moment in time all the images I post are taken using my phone and edited using phone apps.

You can find me here on Instagram