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Thankyou to all the artists who generously shared their work with us in 2018!

“Golden Bridge” by John Robinson from Monotype and Monoprint Images

“Brolly Man” by Robin Hynes from Sicilian Style

“Do you comprehend the language of the shield?
See through mask, see true self … revealed?”

from Shields by Robert Ford

Sonia Ruth Adam Murray –The Aamora Interview

“Cats” from Theatre by Catharine Amato

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake this guy” by Jim Ford

Dan Kneen by Robin Hynes –The Aamora Interview


Walking with Giants by Michael van der Tol

In a Small Backyard by Penny Trim


Chasing Shadows by Chris Whitney


Whitehorse Falls, Oregon from Mixing Time, Light and Water by Harry Snowden

Cuori by Silvia Mercoli

My Favourite Things by Linda Bowman

Portraits of Friends by Francesca Volontè

Through a Tiny Hole by Diane Peterson

State of Existence:Kansai Street 2018 by Jim Robertson

“Education” from India and it’s Vividness by Manish Chauhan

Scenes from Assateague Island by Jim Ford


We are looking forward to more contributions in 2019!

Meanwhile Happy New Year 2019 to all aamora friends and contributors!