Celebrating a year of aamora contributions! 2019

Thanks to all the artists who shared their work with us.

“India and it’s vividness” by Manish Chauhan

“Hazelnut” words by Marie Wilson, images by Diane Peterson

“French Creek Harbour” by Michael Van der Tol

“Black and White in Vilnius and Copenhagen” by Peter Voight

“A Beautiful Mess” by Carol Holmes

Mirko Fattor Junior Photographer

“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” by Catharine Amato

“Whispering Walls” by Peter Brutschin

“La Città” by Francesco Rametta

“Celebrating 50 years of Gay Pride” by Ronnie Ginnever

“La Processione” by Immacolata Marella Addimanda

“Beach” by Penny Trim

“Icelandic scenes of winter” by Jim McInniss

“Street Life” by Gino Domenico

Looking forward to seeing more wonderful work in 2020!