Aamora Guest Photographers: Tony, Mark & Fiona ::: Aamora Triptych Trio Collab

The Great Outdoors

by Tony, Mark & Fiona


Aamora Project Triptych: Trio Collaboration in Photography

by Guest Tony Wood, Mark Avellino and Fiona Lockhart with The Great Outdoors

Note: Triptych Example = 550 pixels width x 165 pixels tall

Guest Photographers Tony, Mark and Fiona are part of Group Triptych. The group does not plan their triptych creations. Each week the photographers submit a random image taken the week prior. Two photographers are from the Philadelphia area of the USA and two are from the Eastern coast of Australia.


Fiona Lockhart is a photographer based in Melbourne, Austrailia. View her work on her photostream or in the group Triptych.

Tony Wood is a photographer from the Philadelphia, PA, USA area. View his work on his website or his collaborative efforts amongst the group Triptych.

Mark Avellino is a photographer in Melbourne, Australia specialising in lifestyle and travel photography. View more of Mark’s work on his website or amongst the group Triptych.

Project Triptych
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