For aamora’s fifteenth interview, here are Danielle Kelly’s thoughts on photography!


Why photography?

For me Photography allows me to speak whenever I want, carry my camera 24/7.  I see things at all times in a compositional way. I always have.  Photography allows me to be spontaneous, and in position to capture it.



Yes … Great for Instagram , promotion of the bigger work.


Digital v. Film – still a topic?

I shoot both and prefer Medium Format and Polaroid.


Is the equipment important?

Nope not for me.


How did you learn to photograph?

Been shooting since I was a teenager. Inspired by my Dad.  I don’t have a degree, and sometimes I feel that in the art world it’s important. In my heart it doesn’t . Either you have it or you don’t.


Are photographs “taken” or “made”?



Is photography art?



Where do you go to look at photographs?

I’m influenced by so many things, many of which are not photographs.


Who is it for – you or them?  

I struggled, and still do at times to make work for myself.  Learning more and more to shoot for me!

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