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Aamora has asked Robin Hynes to answer our questions on photography for our twenty-first interview.

Praed street

Why photography?

I’ve always been attracted to the visual arts of all kinds and would love to be able to draw … but I really can’t.  Photography allows me to express myself in a visual way which I enjoy.


I have one … they’re brilliant for phone calls and messaging

Digital v. Film – still a topic?

I shoot almost exclusively in digital for convenience. I started out developing my own film back in the 70s but I think it is still a topic in the sense that anyone with a keen interest in photography will eventually want to test their skills and experience the satisfaction and delayed gratification that comes with developing film. I still have a film camera and may be on the lookout for another.

Dan Kneen

Is the equipment important?

It can be. It depends what you’re shooting. I do a lot of fast action motorsport photography and without a good quality telephoto lens and modern auto-focus it would be extremely difficult to obtain the results I’m looking for. I’m exploring street photography and feel that equipment is less of a priority than reading the light and being able to spot a photo opportunity.

How did you learn to photograph?

Self-taught using 35mm film SLR following the good old trial and error process.


Are photographs “taken” or “made”?

Can be either depending on how much control you have over the subject/environment.  It all depends on the style.


Is photography art?

Definitely yes. Mostly.

Quiet Loner

Where do you go to look at photographs?

The internet is full of photographs and with phones in the digital/social media era everyone is a photographer. I always enjoy visiting a gallery … whether it be a local photographers’ work or larger exhibitions such as most recently the Photographers’ Gallery in London.


Who is it for – you or them?

For me. I enjoy taking photos, I enjoy processing them and I enjoy sharing them. If others like them that’s a bonus but definitely I do what pleases me.

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