Life Is A Highway by Gail Anderson ::: Aamora Triptych Solo

Life Is A Highway

by Gail Anderson

Aamora friends are well aware of contributing member Gail Anderson wanderlust for the open road from some of the past work she has shared with us.

Now we have three examples of Gail’s unique discoveries captured while out on a road trip, tied together in one frame. Together, they show that wherever Gail may go, her eyes for the capture will follow on the road and once again, Gail has a uniqueness to taking us with her around the bend.

With the triptych below entitled Life Is A Highway, Gail joins in with a solo effort in Project Triptych and we couldn’t be happier for what she has shared.  

Enjoy Life is a Highway!

Life Is A Highway by Gail Anderson

Note: Triptych Example 550 pixels x 550 pixels

Contributing member & administrator Gail Anderson is a Las Vegas, Nevada based photographer always up for a road trip to share her unique discoveries around each bend. View Gail’s work at redbubble, her photoblog, or her past contributions on here.

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