On the Spur of the Unfathomable by Claudia Luthi

I was walking down the block from home, with the vague intention to “go out and shoot photographs”.

Suddenly, it hit me that I didn’t have to go anywhere. Wherever I looked, it shined right back at me through the fleeting appearances of the moment,

already illusory before I lifted the camera and pressed the button,

in the vain attempt to hold them back and freeze, like a butterfly hunter pins his fragile prey.

And be it only for a moment, and another… anything, but awakening from the dream of beauty and terror, which always go together.

See, everything is already here in astonishing evidence, right in front of my nose, looking back at me… what do I say, staring with burning sharpness back at me.

Perplexed, in midst of what people call a sudden crisis, with no hint about the whereabout and what next,

moved by I don’t know what inspirational wind, I saw Gods face where ever I looked and intimately knew that each image is nothing but a reflection of all the other images.

Then a voice called my name. It was my neigbours daughter with a friend, coming home from school…

Founding aamora member Claudia Lüthi is an amateur photographer living in Lima, Peru. View more of Claudia’s work on JPG Magazine in el lente de la coneja or on aamora.