i-phoney Gaudi-land-ia BCN by featured member Mario Scattoloni -Part one


My i-phoney series is all about Barcelona as the protagonist. A while back my digital camera and lens had completely broken down so I decided it was time to test out the capabilities of my i-phone in the streets. It became the camera of choice along with instagram as its messenger.

I thought to myself hey stop your complaining hombre, you do by the way now carry a camera in your hip pocket all the time. So, I decided to make use of what I had. I thought I´ll just get closer I mean like real close… at least until I could actually see the whites of their eyes and probably smell their breath.


This series of images actually came out of my need to continue to document Barcelona in its everyday, actual scenes of life by trying to capture it´s every man, woman and child´s lived dramas, while out in the streets together. What I have now branded as my i-phoney Gaudi-landia, is at times just a place where we all play hide and seek from one another´s lives.


As for being a hipster? That is just a style, or better yet, a mannerism that I have adapted as part of my work. This occurred of course over the many years of photographing in the streets which is what I now consider to be the public domain of my inspiration.


We all end up doing a little dance in the streets where we find partners-in-crime to mix it up with. However brief our encounters, they are usually totally unaware that they have just been immortalized in our little song and dance number.


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