14 thoughts on “Life Lessons by Marie Wilson”

  1. What is so scary about this is that I have definitely learned something, but I have no idea what. Love, love, love it Marie!

  2. Three selfportraits are brilliant… I have the same feeling every morning; the first shot is, as Michael said the document of an humiliation, I’m totally agreeing with him; and Aaron’s portrait reminds me to Mr. Peabody…

  3. A most perfect capture of the essence of Aaron. And then there are the mirror, mirror on the wall odes to oral magnificence. There are no words to go with these ocular delights because words could never do them justice. So why am I writing this.

    Oh, I had no idea what time it was. Got to go. I’m sure Aamora will be getting out its Crystal ball in no time.

  4. I hate when that toilet paper thing happens and when I forget to lock the door to the bathroom. We’ve all been there and you’ve taken the time to document the humiliation. OMG Too funny.

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