Liqueur of the Heart by Marie Wilson

Liqueur of the Heart

by Marie Wilson


Consider the word consider.

Don’t break it up like they do dis-ease and co-relate.

Con & sider don’t mean anything when it comes to the word consider.

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Think about it.


In some stillness and peace and consider the situation or the person or the things.

Consider life, death, the price of eggs.

Take your time. Don’t jump to conclusions.

Do not rush consideration. Do not hasten deliberation.

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Look at the facts, muse on the emotions, ask questions, talk to friends, speak to the wind.




Free form thinking then focused inquiry.

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Consider consideration – what is the objective of the thoughtful session?

Toward this end choose, edit, select.

Don’t censor, rather brainstorm.

Then whittle. Then reconsider.

Consider again.


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Distill to a fine gold essence.

Call it liqueur of the heart.

And mind. Strike the aromatic balance.

Call it Consideration.

Take a long slow drink every now and then.


15 thoughts on “Liqueur of the Heart by Marie Wilson”

  1. Gracias again Claudia for your translation. Thank you otra vez Marie por tu maravilloso trabajo. 😉

  2. Hi Marie, as I translated your text into spanish, I fully realized how wonderful and wise your words are. Hopefully they drop on fertile soil. Whether they grow and bloom or not, though, lies not in our hands…

  3. A continuación la traducción del texto de Marie – para los seguidores hispanohablantes, especialmente para ti, Llorenç. Por lo pronto, estamos considerando en incluir más traducciones en el futuro…

    “Licor del Corazón

    Considera la palabra considerar. No la separes como lo hacen con des-esperar o co-relacionar. Con y siderar no significan nada cuando se trata de la palabra considerar.

    Piensa en esto. Siéntate. En paz y tranquilidad considera la situación de la persona y de las cosas. Considera la vida, la muerte, el precio de los huevos. Tómate tu tiempo. No saltes a conclusiones. No aceleres la consideración. No adelantes la deliberación.

    Mira los hechos, cavila en las emociones, pregunta, habla con amigos, habla con el viento. Espera. Evalúa. Remolonea. Free form thinking then focused inquiry (Nota: esto no lo entendí).

    Considera la consideración – ¿qué es el objetivo de la meditación? Con esta meta en la mira, elige, edita, selecciona. No censures, antes bien sométete a un ‘brainstorm’. Luego, recorta. Luego reconsidera. Considera otra vez. Destila.

    Destílalo hasta que tome el punto de una fina esencia de oro. Llámalo licor del corazón. Y atiende. Establece el equilibrio aromático. Llámalo consideración. Tómate un largo y lento trago de cuando en cuando. “

  4. These are gems of wisdom, Marie, something severely lacking in this world of immediate criticism with little or no thought behind it. Peace to you and all. Love the images as well.

  5. It hurts me very much there gets lost half of the meaning of your words. But therefore I can understand and the images that I see, as always, I must congratulate you.

  6. Wonderful Marie! I drink deep of your Liqueur of the Heart, your words and images. Coming back after a very demanding week in the UK, (moving my 92 year old Mum) this was just what I needed and is greatly appreciated.

  7. Again, a perfect unit of images and words, another proof of your truly artistic talent, Marie!

  8. I apologize for the lateness of this reply. John and I have been arguing all day over a suitable comment. Suffice it to say, John wished to go for a low brow response to your wonderful exercise in didactic thought.

    The photographs that accompany your words are nothing less than sublime. One should never be in a rush to view such gems.

    It is however, the words that prob deeper. Such brilliance is to be savored.

  9. Your divine glimpses and soothing words have put me in a meditative state…..transcendent Marie. (and, transplendid)

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