Aamora Guest Photographer: Richard Johnson ::: Triptych Solo


by Richard Johnson


Aamora Project Triptych

Solo in Photography

Richard Johnson with Mechanisms

Each of the three panels in Richard’s triptych above contain a section of the airplane aboard the USS Yorktown located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Note: Triptych example = 553 pixels width x 309 pixels tall

Aamora Guest Richard Johnson is a Chicago, IL based photographer.  His motto is “Life is nothing more than a series of photo opportunities; that’s all it is”. You can view more of Richard’s work at JPG Magazine

Project Triptych
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    1. I’m the 200th?! Perhaps I should get a lottery ticket today!! I thank you for your comment John. All these names make me realize I haven’t done much with my JPG account in forever.

    1. Jolie, thanks for helping me get this posted. You’re the best. I’d love to hear more about your father & how this triptych brings about memories of him.

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