8 thoughts on “Dense Landscapes by Alexis Gerard”

  1. Alexis, these are wondrous photos, reminding me of the forest that Prince Charming hacked thru to reach his Sleeping Beauty.

  2. Thank you Alexis for reminding to us that not everything is flat and wide and that not everything is vertical and full of windows. Thanks for depriving the sight of the scenery, thanks for breaking the horizons, thanks for inviting us to decipher hieroglyphics. Thank you.

  3. Most wonderful images, Alexis – “drawing us through theis denseness towards the mystery beyond”, like Catharine puts it so beautifully. And how familiar are your concerns, and how blind is human greed! I am so glad that you are capturing these last bits of virgin thicket to share them with us.

  4. I live the way these images fill the frame with the perfect abount of sky showing. I’ve spent many happy times in the SF Bay area, it’s sad to see the things we love disappear.

  5. I love these images, Alexis. I read the text “The Thicket” and am so sad to hear the developers are moving in on this beautiful land. Lovely record you have created.

  6. I love these thickets Alexis, drawing us through their denseness towards the mystery beyond.Scratchy but fascinating!
    I especially like “tangle”.

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