11 thoughts on “Time and Space by Aaron Schwartz”

  1. A mini-Satryicon – I believe you have a brilliant future in Filmography. Aaron, this goes Beyond Fantasy. I LOVE IT ~ !!!!! 🙂

  2. As with Simon Kossoff’s mannequin, your dolls are somehow more alive than some of us humans Aaron. “Spooky” as Dame Edna Everidge would say!

  3. Dolls are a strange people, and this show confirms that. Perfect music for the doll parade (Fellini would have loved these people!) and great shots of those revealing/nonrevealing faces.

  4. Dude! When I used to coach the recreational soccer league kids I was always harping on time and space. All I can say about your slideshow is, “Gggggoooooaaaaalllll!!!!!”

    May the power of The Schwartz always be with you.

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