Aamora Guest Photographer: Carl W. Nunn

We are very pleased to have Carl appearing as our guest here at aamora. His work is much admired by his fellow photographers. His images are like music, and his voice is strong and resonant. Enjoy the slideshow above as an introduction to his work. Then check out more of his powerful photographs at jpgmag.com and at redbubble.

A native of New York State, Carl W. Nunn has spent many years in the film, photography and visual image industry. Carl began taking pictures as a teenager and later studied photography at the Center for the Media Arts. He spent more than a decade working in films. His film experience helped develop his unique frame of reference and respect for the placement and positioning of objects. “Nunn’s work is captivating and inspiring” says Janifer Wilson, owner of Sisters Uptown Bookstore LLC in Harlem, New York. We agree.

12 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Carl W. Nunn”

  1. Dude! A most excellently rad slideshow. Sorry it took me so long to comment, but John and J. Harvey have been on this road trip and arguing the entire time while I have to take a back seat. Bummer, man.

    Anyway, those are some gnarly pics man and the music is far out. Rock on.

    Later, dude.

  2. Urban cool…great as always Carl. Glad to see you around these parts. Hey, maybe we can see more of you once you get that secret handshake figured out, lol…

  3. I agree totally with Janifer Wilson. Congrats for this slideshow. Excellent colours for this excellent music.

  4. Just amazing Carl! Yes, your photography is powerful and It’s great to see you on aamora.

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