Rainy Day Impressions by Jim Ford

Rainy Day Impressions: The Red Bouquet

the_ red_ bouquet001

These images became a reality in a “sun shower”. The light changed as a drenching rain accompanied a brightly shining sun….color condensed as if polarized. I  focused to give the effect of a quick glimpse….a dreamlike image using what mother nature provided.

the_ red_ bouquet002the_ red_ bouquet003the_ red_ bouquet005

Jim Ford shares his motto: “Wandering is one of my passions…where it leads me is not as important as what I see along the way” Enjoy more of Jim’s work on his photostream or searching his other contributions to aamora.com.

He tells us: “I have a BFA degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with traditional printmaking as a major. I also have a MA degree from SUNY Oswego with a major in digital photography/photoshop and art history study in surrealism.  I worked in custom color labs and communication companies when I was younger and have taken photographs for many, many years. I have also been employed by SUNY Oswego for the past twenty-five years doing the same and soon to retire. I explore, search, record and present images of my daily life in the fine art tradition. My creative universe is expanding and I welcome it with open arms.”

14 thoughts on “Rainy Day Impressions by Jim Ford”

  1. Outstandingly beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing them with us. I agree they deserve to be hung in a large space all on their own giving people the opportunity of appreciating them forever, I hope that you can find that space Jim!

  2. Dude! Your photos rock in a sun soaked way…Oh, yeah…and…like…they remind me of the time was was drivin’ in Maryland in the middle of an awesome rain storm because…like…I don’t stop for nothin’…and…like…there was this dude who’d pulled his car off the road and was outside in his underwear with a bar of soap…and…like…he must have figured God was tryin’ to tell him somethin’…and…like…Dude! your pics rock man…When the sun hits your eye, and it rains pizza pies, that’s aamora…Hey…dude…I think your photos inspired me to write a song…Rock on dude…

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