Returning Guest: JustArt/Sylvia

iPhone Art Cases

by JUSTART/Sylvia

Joining us to spread iPhoneography love is JUSTART/Sylvia with 9 individual artworks from Sylvia’s extensive collection. Each creation from her original photographs are now available on an iPhone case. Click any to view individually and/or comment . . . 

View more from her iPhone case collection, just click here.

Click to view aamora’s iPhoneography series
if you see something you enjoy, feel free to leave a message below for the artist;
remember, click on a photo to view separately or leave a comment directly for that photo


JUSTART/Sylvia is a Dutch Photographer & Digital Artist with a great passion for all the beautiful things around her with particular interests in abstract, nature & floral. She’s a member of the Bond voor Nederlandse Amateur Fotografen Verenigingen (BNAFV) [the Federation for Dutch Amateur Photographers]. View her work on Modern Mural or her facebook page by clicking here.

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