Charlie’s Secret by Llorenç Rosanes: Aamora Project Secret

Charlie’s Secret by Llorenç Rosanes

Charlie was working from sun to sun for $60 a day.  He was sleeping in my house.  He ate a lot of rice.  He was from Mali but he was living in Catalunya for a while.  He was clever, cordial, kind, honest, brilliant, free.  Charlie was keeping an unspeakable secret.

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{Charlie's Secret by Llorenç Rosanes}

Llorenç Rosanes is a photographic artist from Catalunya (Catalonia). View more of Llorenç’s work here on aamora

Aamora Project Secret
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17 thoughts on “Charlie’s Secret by Llorenç Rosanes: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. This image is overwhelming…it’s impressive and poignant and talks a lot without revealing the secret! This boy was so lucky to meet you, you have the rare capacity to make a story real with your shots, you put emotions in them and then everybody can feel them. Well done!

  2. I do not know what secret Charlie is keeping, perhaps others feel it to be a secret because he chooses not to share. If in fact we choose to remain private, does this make us secretive? I think not; however, these are simply my thoughts and I think Charlie is my kind of guy!

  3. Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes, forms & colours…..& without a doubt Charlie´s secret is still safe and sound in Catalunya… yes this picture is perfect indeed in all aspects.

  4. Not a “sad photo” at all Llorenç, but, as others have said, a masterpiece of mystery.

  5. Thank you all for your kind and nice comments. Marie, Ronnie, Michael, Gary, I’m tremendously grateful for your words.
    John, I can only take off the hat and congratulate you. I believe that it’s a thousand times better your comment than my sad photo. Y Claudia, yo me siento más honorado por tu comentario y también por el hecho de que hayas sido la primera en escribir. Mil gracias.

  6. Yes, ‘masterpiece’ about sums this photo and text up. Truly wonderful, Llorenc – provocative, mysterious, evocative and completely charming!

  7. Juggling, is that like a One vs. One thing? There seems to be no Limits to your Discarded Accidents, Roaming like 700 Hillbillies From The Bus mailing Postcards From Home. Charlie was lucky to find you.

  8. I feel honored to be the first one to comment on this unspeakable, yet simple and genuine secret. The photo is also absolute genuine – and fresh and straight forward in it’s playful attitude and wonderful dusky colors – and yet it conceals the mystery of the unspeakable. A masterpiece, without doubt.

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