Recently, we were honoured at aamora to have the reknowned Canadian poet Robert Priest contribute his poem All the Information in the Sun Here are a few of our favorite results from a submission call for photographs to go with the poem.

{Photo by Peter Voigt}photo by Peter Voigt


Cannot disappear forever

From the universe


Anyway on your lids


In the part of your palm

You can’t read


Dark data


At the next step


Whether or not

Above 9 photos by Claudia Luthi


{Photo by Howard Goldberg}


{Photo by Howard Goldberg}


{Photo by Howard Goldberg}


{Photo by Howard Goldberg}


{Photo by Aaron Schwartz}


{Photo by Aaron Schwartz}


{Photo by Aaron Schwartz}


Claudia Lüthi is an amateur photographer who lives in Lima, Peru. She is a founding member of aamora. You can see Claudia’s previous aamora posts by clicking here. You can also find her in JPG Magazine.

Peter Voigt is a photographer in Copenhagen, Denmark.  See more of his work by clicking here. Peter has previously contributed to aamora and was the winner of our Doodle contest!!

We welcome Howard Goldberg as a guest contributor. Howard is “a photographer and adventurer based in Los Angeles and New York”. Check out his website here.

Robert Priest is one of Canada’s top poets.  In addition to being an award-winning poet, Robert is also a novelist, author of children’s books, playwright, songwriter, musician, teacher, and journalist.  If you don’t already know him, finding out more on his website and on Wiki. And there’s a bio here.

7 thoughts on “Poetography”

  1. i loved Robert Priest’s poem and the group of images to go with it here are just amazing…..sorry I didn’t join in this time but hope there will be other occasions to link our images to inspirational poetry or prose. Thank you to those photographers who share their impressions of the poem with us here.

  2. It’s nice to be back and to see such fabulous work. I’ve missed seeing and commenting and submtting; outside projects and life keep busy, busy, busy. Aaron, you are an inspiration as always and Claudia, I alway like seeing the world through your eyes. Hello Howard I am enjoying your images. It’s an excellent collaboration and Robert Priest’s words are penetrating.

  3. Requests for submissions are usually made on aamora’s Facebook page, and sometimes by email. In the case of this collaboration, it was first announced on the original post on aamora March 13, then reminders were posted on aamora FB March 18 and March 24.

    By the way, everyone, in the past week or so, the number of visitors to our FB page has suddenly decreased and so have the “likes” and comments, which are the main things that drive viewers here to our aamora site. We need the support of our members, guests and friends to keep visiting our FB page and leave comments or at least “likes” to keep our numbers up and to keep your audience growing.

  4. A terrific collaboration….very nice everyone! I think these posts are very meaningful presented as a group. Is there a place that requests for submissions are made for my future reference?

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