Aamora: Self Portraits

Aamora: Self Portraits

{Oh No! aamora founding artist Catharine Amato}
{Self With Rooster by  aamora photographer member Jim Ford}
{I Will Always Love You All by aamora member Sonia Adams Murray}
{Aamora Founding Member Marie Wilson}
{Where’s Danielle? by aamora founding photographer Danielle Kelly}
{SP by Photographer John Linton}
{Shadow Self by aamora founder photographer Alexis Gerard}
{Art+O+Mat by aamora mixed media artist Jolie Buchanan}
{SP -by aamora founding member Llorenç Rosanes}
{Self Portrait by photographer & musician Rhio9}
{Reflections by Photographer Ronnie Ginnever}
{Aamora Founding Member Michael Van der Tol}
{Pinhole Polaroid SP by aamora founding member Jim Robertson}


10 thoughts on “Aamora: Self Portraits”

  1. Powerful, fun, delightful series! Each self portrait is a unique contribution. Bravo, aamora!

  2. That was fun! I love everyone’s SPs, although Llorenç’s contribution terrifies me!

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