Aamora Guest Photographer: Paolo Pizzimenti


Pluie à la Défense- Urban hymnes #6 - originalPluie à la Défense- Urban hymnes #6

All that blues - Urbaine Hymnes #5 - originalAll that blues – Urbaine Hymnes #5

Le Consulat  A' Montmartre - originalLe Consulat  A’ Montmartre

Urban Hymns – Paolo Pizzimenti

We take great pride and pleasure in welcoming Paolo Pizzimenti to aamora!

Paolo was born in the south of Italy 53 years ago. Educated abroad, today he is very well travelled and “with some grey hair”.

Photography caught Paolo’s attention when he was 10 when he was given an Olympus camera as a confirmation gift.

Since then, Paolo spent a lot of time learning how to share emotions through the images that were “calling him” whenever his eye was at the viewfinder.

At the age of 40 Paolo started to become more seriously involved with photography and started to show his photography to the world.

During the past few years he has had exhibitions of his works in Paris, Venice, Reggio-Emilia and Ravenna.

He is now waiting for Magnum Photo’s response (expected June 2011) to his catalogue to be included among the other photographers of that great Maison de photos.

Two upcoming projects which Paolo has in his heart and mind are Urban Hymns and A day in the Life of Cinema, one or both of which will likely be exhibited in Paris or Ravenna in Spring 2011. The photographs above are from the Urban Hymns project.

You can see some of Paolo’s prolific work at his website where you can find out more about him and his previous work, books and exhibitions.  Paolo wanted us to mention that he uses only Olympus cameras and Zuiko lenses.

18 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Paolo Pizzimenti”

  1. Hai sempre un punto di vista molto interessante ed originale… Si percepisce come tu “viva” la città, e non la osservi solamente… complimenti, la mia preferita è quella dei corridori, molto bella… 🙂

  2. Paris through your eyes, always a pleasure, always surprising, forever a joy. Great work, Paolo!

  3. Paolo, it is thrilling to see your work on aamora . My favorite city in the world, too.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  4. Wonderful series Paolo, great framing, color and drama. And welcome to Aamora, what a thrill to have you join us!

  5. Amo il suo modo di osservare il mondo e rapprensentarlo, la sua raffinata sensibiità, la capacità di dar corpo a un’emozione e un’emozione a un corpo : perfino i lampioni, le panchine, le foglie, mostrani un’anima quando a catturarle è Paolo…e ci svelano qualcosa di eterno.

  6. Thank you Aaron, you did a great job to introduce me to the community
    I hope my works will be appreciated by new and old friends
    For Butch : yes you were right ! I loved that album …

  7. Woo Hoo! Paolo’s in da house! The Verve’s Urban Hymns rocked the 90s and Paolo is rockin’ the 21st century.

    “Oh, can you just tell me
    It’s all right (It’s all right)
    Let me sleep tonight
    Oh, can you comfort me
    Tonight (It’s all right)
    Make it all seem fine”

    “Space & Time” from Urban Hymns

  8. I’m glad I can be the first to welcome you to aamora Paolo, and to comment on these images that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also filled with atmosphere and emotion. I have always loved your work and am happy that you have shared your new project with us here! Grazie!

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