After the Ecstasy by Jim Robertson

After the Ecstasy by Jim Robertson
After the Ecstasy by Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson is ecstatic about his image “After the Ecstasy”  being given an honorable mention in Lensbaby’s “Get Published” online competition. The contest chose 13 out of nearly 2000 images entered to be featured in a soon to be published book about the light-bending lens. Although not getting published, Jim’s many-legged image is featured here on page 5 of the Honorable Mention gallery. Congrats!

Founding member, Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path in Lexington, KY. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his past contributions to

18 thoughts on “After the Ecstasy by Jim Robertson”

  1. It could not be otherwise! Although personally I believe that this photo deserves the First Award. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Seems like you enjoy the lensbaby as much as I do!..this is terrific and I love seeing that you did it in black and white..

  3. jim jim jiM jiM jIM jIM JIM JIM JIM JIm JIm Jim Jim jim jim

    (That was Jim’s name coming into focus – lensbaby style)

  4. Oh no Jim, a picture of a bug?! I don’t know…there is some sort of allure in this shot…but…it’s a bug!! And there are too many legs. To me this should be called Way Way Way After the Ecstasy…or simply No Ecstasy Here. Anyways, congrats on your honorable mention, Mr R.

  5. This is a walking, talking advert for lensbaby…. I’ve been wondering about this gadget for a while… now I’m convinced!

    Super work Jim.

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