These Boots – an aamora project

Michael Van der Tol has created another slide show for us, with contributions from aamora members and guests. Slip off your boots and enjoy….

These Boots – aamora from Michael Van der Tol on Vimeo.


Michael Van der Tol, founding aamora member, lives in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. His photographic work focuses on rural & landscapes. View more of his work on his website on his blog or here on aamora.

Founder of aamora, Aaron Schwartz, is a photographer, actor, lawyer, writer, and flaneur based in Toronto. You can view more of Aaron’s work at his website, on JPG Magazine, or on aamora.

Aamora member Rhio9 is a photographer & musician. Enjoy more of his wonderful work by checking out his photo blog, his photographic books on Blurb, or take a look at his past contributions here on aamora.

Vancouver born Marie Wilson, was one of the first members. Marie is a writer, photographer, artist, actor, mother & muse living in Toronto. View her work on her website, on JPG Magazine or on aamora.

John Linton is aamora’s floundering member living in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, the state with the biggest name and smallest size. View more of John’s work on his Flickr stream, JPG Magazine or aamora.

13 thoughts on “These Boots – an aamora project”

  1. I appreciate being included in this fun project! Great work putting it together!

  2. Thanks everyone, but it’s all of you that make it work. Thanks for contributing.

    I’ve got more interesting ideas/projects to share and participate in over the next few months.

  3. Beautifully done Michael, and a great idea! Thanks for getting it together.

  4. Super cool, Michael – you are the master of collective projects, always enhancing our feeling of belonging! Wonderful shots and music! Congrats to all participants!

  5. “Let me in the sound
    Let me in the sound
    Let me in the sound, sound
    Let me in the sound, sound
    Meet me in the sound

    Get on your boots
    Get on your boots
    Get on your boots
    Yeah hey hey”


  6. Great job on this! So many interesting presentations. Thanks for your hard work!

  7. Again, Michael, forgive me for not having found the sufficient time to collaborate. I hope that the next time could be inside these wonderful projections that you present to us. Congratulations for a work marvelously made and congratulations to all for giving us the opportunity to observe the world from your point of view.

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