The Open Secret by Claudia Lüthi: Aamora Project Secret

The Open Secret by Claudia Lüthi

{The Open Secret}

Notice the smile on her face?

Well, you see, in trying to keep the secret secret, all those walls were built. And indeed, in trying to unveil the secret, the walls were created.

And so, as long as there was trying to unveil the secret, the walls remained walls and the secret was always hidden. But with the collapse of the trying, with the collapse of trying to reach the secret as a goal to be achieved, the hidden collapsed into the walls, and the walls into the hidden.

And so, there was never really anything hidden, and there were never really any walls, in the first place. The obvious present appearance of it is all there is.

Claudia Lüthi is an amateur photographer living in Lima, Peru. View more of Claudia’s work on JPG Magazine in el lente de la coneja or here on aamora.

Aamora Project Secret
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15 thoughts on “The Open Secret by Claudia Lüthi: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. claudia, i love your writing here. the photo is very complete. the contrast you envision between the human and the material, the known and the unknown, between the mortal and the immortal makes the image speak other viewpoints. they all seem to blend into each other, all being one and the same. reminds me very much of the tao of chaos.

  2. Your description of this wall building process is so very poignant. The wall is gradual and construction is a slow and sad process; however, ridding ourselves of this wall we build over time is perhaps an even slower process. You were able to write a short paragraph, yet say so much. Very commendable! Bravo!

  3. Well, thank you, J.Harvey. And thank you Marie and Diane, you make me flush – I never think of what I do as “art”, but what you say, Diane, is the highest compliment that one could make

  4. It’s no secret that Claudia Luthi is a wonderful photographer and writer. Excellent work!

  5. I have tried to think of a way to best describe my feelings about this work..thought about it alot…the one word that always comes to mind when I look at Claudia’s art is..”real”..does that make sense? not sure but i always try to go with my first impression especially about art and that really sums it up for me..a realness that is not always felt…excellent!

  6. Yo no veo el problema por ninguna parte… pensaba que estaba escribiendo algo bonito y no te lo has tomado correctamente.
    Perdona si mis palabras te resultaron ambiguas y las confundiste.

  7. Thank you Catharine, Jim, Alexis, Llorenç for your kind comments. I know this is not everyone’s cup, hahaha. (And Llorenç, be assured that all secrets exist in imagination only. And there is no problem with that.)

  8. Claudia, if any photo hides a secret, although it is not the principal motive of the photo, yours, with this text, hides hundreds. And surely my imagination, which travels very rapidly, has found hundred more that they must be different from those of the photo or yours. Felicidades.

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