Mrdoob Doodle Contest Winners

There’s a fun toy at we encourage you to check out. mr.doob lets you doodle/sketch/draw using various tools and effects. Try it if you haven’t, but watch out – it can be addictive.

Just ask Catharine Amato, who lamented “I can’t stop playing with this!

We held a contest here at aamora for the best doodles, the prize being publication on aamora, and here they are – the top 3 doodlemeisters!

Top honours go to Peter Voigt (see his three submissions below!)

marieby Marie Wilson

catharineby Catharine Amato

peter voigt 01by Peter Voigt

peter voigt 03by Peter Voigt

peter voigt 02by Peter Voigt

And not among the winners, but for your further if dubious viewing pleasure, this demented one by Aaron Schwartz:


Catharine Amato, artist & founding member, grew up in England & now spends winters near Milan & summers in Tuscany. View more of catharine’s wonderful work on her website, JPG Magazine or aamora.

Vancouver born Marie Wilson, was one of the first members. Marie is a writer, photographer, artist, actor, mother & muse living in Toronto. View her work on her website, on JPG Magazine or on aamora.

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