Beyond Kitsch by Maura Wolfson-Foster

“The more photos I took in Mt. Dora, the more drawn I became to abstraction….”

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We welcome Maura as a new member of aamora. Maura tells us: “I received my B.F.A. from Bennington College in Vermont. It was there I learned how to “see” and ‘listen” abstractly. Before that, I studied in NYC with Daniel Green, a well-known portrait artist…. total realism, oil paints, “live” models….also, posed as a painter’s model during that period. Owned “Embellishments” – a business I created from being inspired by a small Indian mosaic frame found in the gift shop of the Jacksonville Museum of Art. – for 12 years. Now, I work at Merrill Lynch, helping people with their 401k plans. Photography has become my salvation.”  – You can see more of Maura’s photography at

15 thoughts on “Beyond Kitsch by Maura Wolfson-Foster”

  1. Maura, your eyes never cease to amaze me; you see far beyond the third dimension! Magnificent kitsch, sister M!

  2. Maura,

    It’s nice to see you here. I love “kitsch” and you are a master of it. The second image with the horse’s head is my favorite it’s the most abstract and complex of the group.

  3. lovely series! i particularly am drawn to the second image….. so many colors and shapes…. outstanding!

  4. Thank you dear ones….I respect each and everyone of you & look forward to learning from your reality.

  5. Fabulous stuff, Maura! Kitsch – abstracted – is definitely beyond kitsch. After all, that’s whatmakes the difference between an ordinary eye and a photographers eye.

  6. Maura Wolfson Foster’s magic now graces the site of aamora!
    Maura’s thoughts and artistic expressions transcend the plane of which most people experience as reality.

  7. Kitsch through your lens becomes a beautiful pattern of colours and shapes! I love all of these Maura, and in particular the black roses shot.

  8. Thank you John, Diane and Alexis for the warm welcome. It is an honour to be here amongst such talented artists, as yourselves ~ ! 🙂

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