14 thoughts on “Secret Project by Marie Wilson: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. You conveyed a beautiful, deep, parable with the just means – nothing needs to be added, nothing to taken away.

    And hey, you might me seeing hugging one of those hydrants, haha

  2. Until now, I have only seen them as annoying indicators of places where I can not park. Now, I quietly wonder of their stories and special powers and I have a different understanding of just why we can not park in front of them – in honour and memory of Chris.

  3. I think Chris’ other secret was knowing where to pee!;-)

    I don’t think the hydrants here in Sexy Lexy have the same kind of magic that Chris discovered but I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the excellent images and wonderful story, Marie!

  4. Yes, an excellent addition to the secret project! I love Chris’ idea of a secret source of power and your entrancing protrayal of those storehouses!

  5. Marie, you always come up with something wonderful. Yes, Chris was in possession of a very valuable secret, available only to those who stopped to find out how to use this source of energy. I love the whimisical animated quality you have bestowed upon these hydrants.

  6. Fun-tast-ic piece….

    I think that I vaguely recall Chris and his yelling in T.O….

    Unfortunately, there are no fire hydrants in sight here in Barcelona to put Chris´theory to the test. Perhaps, it’s just to keep practitioners of such complex ideologies from yelling Fuego, 10 Fuego 20, Fuego 30, in the streets here…

    I guess I´ll have to wait until I venture back to North America to put his ideas to the test.

  7. Far out. Love the last one. Like, all of them are really cool, but the last one…ya know like, I don’t know about fire hydrants giving off power and all, but I’m pretty sure they spell R E L I E F ya know…Like, I remember the time I was at a friends house in LA and I’d eaten these really cool brownies and had too much to drink and…anyway there was this fire hydrant not far from his pad…and…anyway, your pics are so cool, rock on, dudette.

  8. What wonderful images Marie. I particularly like the snow-dusted delicacy of the mauve-capped hydrant. And your words, predictably, are mind opening 🙂 Wonderful!

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