Venice to Padova on the Tiepolo by Catharine Amato

An old camera, a much older photographer and a third-age university group sail slowly and peacefully along the Brenta river canal from Venice to Padova on the good ship “Tiepolo” one sunny Saturday in June. This is where noble and rich Venetians built their summer residences in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.







7 thoughts on “Venice to Padova on the Tiepolo by Catharine Amato”

  1. Wonderful Catharine! Your images really convey the sense of history and culture that pervades the region. Well done!

  2. Mi hai riportato in luoghi recentemente visitati e li ho di nuovo assaporati attraverso il tuo obiettivo!

  3. Malgrado la presentazione minimalista, la macchina e, soprattutto, l’occhio del fotografo sono eccellenti.
    Bellissime sensazioni !
    Adriana Biegi

  4. This is wonderful, Catharine! You transmit wholly the slow, placid, calm journey on a early summer sunday, and the quiet beauty of past glory. The last photo is a true marvel.

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