Aamora Special Guest Artist: Catherine Hadler

Aamora welcomes our special guest artist

Catherine Hadler

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“Circles of Confusion” by Catherine Hadler

Aamora Friends, please help us give a warm welcome to Catherine Hadler.  Catherine’s Circles of Confusion is inspired by Australian Aboriginal designs and incorporating cell structures, Catherine Hadler’s paintings are on the theme of consumption and chaos. Each image is based on an event in her life, usually involving an element of chaos!

For Catherine, painting is a means of relaxation and expression during some difficult emotional times. She creates each painting building up with many thin layers of paint to give a flat surface or thick layers applied with a knife and splatters to create a textured surface. She then sandpapers and builds the layers of paint giving the image depth.

The title ‘circle of confusion’ is a photographic term, which seemed to match the style of painting perfectly and reflects Catherine Hadler’s background as a photographer.

Artist Catherine Hadler specialises in food and event photography. Catherine is based in Reading, Berkshire. View more of Catherine’s work at: Creative Commercial Photography.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful paintings! They are very emotionally soothing to me…..

  2. Hi Catherine! So great to see you on AAmora, and to discover this additional side to your creativity!

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