Goodbye Winter 2010! by Jim Robertson

piggies by Jim Robertson
piggies by Jim Robertson

This image doesn’t show the record amount of snowfall or the ridiculously long months of temperatures below freezing with no breaks and little sunshine. However, it does metaphorically sum up my view of Winter 2010. It really did STINK!

Welcome Spring. I’ve reserved a table for us. I hope you like pork.

Founding member, Jim Robertson, follows the photographic path in Lexington, KY. You can view more of Jim’s work at his website or his past contributions to

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter 2010! by Jim Robertson”

  1. Very cool , dark farm scene. The clouds look very menacing and that is one huge pigpen. Wonderful photo!

  2. What a wonderful image! I’m especially drawn to that little house under that big BIG sky….

  3. Jim..this is a plendid image..I wish I could find some pigs to photograph…getting a little tired of the “cattle”..everything about this is perfect!

  4. Wonderful image. It has the tranquil and reverence infused feel of a Millet, but with a completely modern sensibility. Superb Jim!

  5. Superb shot! Awesome colours and detail and this cloudy sky is perfect. Love all the colour range and your point of view. And, excuse me, I’m with Catharine and is this past winter inspires images like this one, I wish for more bad weather too! I will wait for your Spring shot also. Cheers!

  6. “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell

    Well, well, well, this is one fine photo. It’s been a average winter for us in southern New England…except for the couple of nor’easters that blew through. It was raining cats and dogs for awhile.

  7. Being vegetarian I’d rather see the happy pigs in this beautiful image of yours Jim, than be eating them! If a hard winter inspires this kind of photography from you dare I wish for more bad weather!! Now you’ll have to give us a Spring one to make me change my mind.
    Excellent work as usual.

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