The Contessa’s Secret by Catharine Amato: Aamora Project Secret

The Contessa’s Secret by Catharine Amato

The days go by in an ancient Italian town

And perhaps only the tourists notice

An old lady sitting on the steps of a monument.

To the locals, she’s just part of the scenery.

Her worldly possessions in plastic bags at her feet,

Her gaze fixed on the knife in her hand,

A poor old lady eating an apple,

Perhaps donated by a kindly grocer.

She is known as “The Contessa”.

No one knows why.

She has a secret.

She is the only one left who knows,

And she has her knife ready,

And it’s not for an apple.


Aamora: Secret Project
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23 thoughts on “The Contessa’s Secret by Catharine Amato: Aamora Project Secret”

  1. Thanks again to everyone who has come back to look and comment.
    Thanks for the great project Aaron!

  2. The image alone tells a wonderful story; however, your words accompanying the image leave much to the imagination!!!

  3. Catharine I absolutely LOVE your photo, and the accompanying story is just perfect….enough detail to be incredibly interesting, enough left out to leave us wanting more.

  4. Catharine, this is so thought provoking. your story is touching and the photo presents her to us perfectly. thank you for sharing this.

  5. Catharine, This photo, and your description, touch me very deeply. I want to sit next to The Contessa and hear her story. Thank you for the poignant vision. Aaron, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this exciting “new” venture!

  6. Thanks everyone! Thanks Aaron for setting it all up and for posting my “secret”.I was away from the computer for a few days and Aamora’s debut was a great surprise to come back to!

  7. Oh yes, this is a perfect opening of this blog with a great, melancholic urban secret, both in words and picture, like only Catharine is capable of!

  8. Catharine as always a real joy & pleasure to find your work amongst us as a point of inspiration. Finally the secret is out & Aamora´s life begins.

  9. Bravo! I can’t think of a better word to compliment this post, to compliment the launch of The story, real or not, is truly born of true contemplation, and just say no vision but detailed contemplation of this wonderful scene. The screaming truth or latent secret shrinks my heart.

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