Aamora Guest Photographer: Ariel Shelleg

Pride Tel Aviv 2010

by Ariel Shelleg

Feast of colors

the people, the music, the unity

and so much love in the air

This is the Real Tel Aviv.

Ariel Shelleg makes his first appearance as a guest photographer at aamora. Ariel (Eric) Shelleg. 24 yo.;Born and living in tel aviv, Israel; Freelance Director\photographer\editor; Mostly making video art and music videos, short film projects and portraiture; Filmography student @ “minshar for Art”, tel aviv, Israel.

View more of Ariel’s work on Flickr or Facebook. If you’d like to experience more of the atmosphere at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride parade, we highly recommend you check out Ariel’s video.

11 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Ariel Shelleg”

  1. Thank you all for the wonderful comments, i couldn’t ask for anything more.

    thank you aaron for adding the link, and putting everything together with the info so nicely.

    and Ronnie… i wish. hope god or something up there heard you on that…


    Great weekend people.

  2. Too many things have kept me away too long.
    I return to such a wonderful spectacle.
    Outlandish, camp and gay. Something to make you smile and wish you were there.
    Wonderful bold captures.

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