12 thoughts on “Self Portraits by Aaron Schwartz”

  1. Aaron, I so love this series that it’s difficult to choose my favorites. Upon looking again and agin, at the moment, my favorites are #4 and #5 from the top. They have a mysterious and surreal quality that keeps me coming back.

  2. I love your head rising like the phoenix from the mannekin’s bodice….inspired series! You haven’t changed a bit 🙂

  3. Yes, they are all great! all unique. but if I could choose, I would stay with nr. 4, with this illuminated tie, so chirico like. And yes, you are beautiful, Aaron and for ever young, so it seems.

  4. I love the first one the most! But the others are so fun and funny. I like Alexis’ idea of each member doing a self portrait.

  5. Fantastic series. They’re all GREAT, and the 5th from the top to me is unadulterated genius! You’ve inspired me! How about doing a feature where all Aamora contributors would provide a self-portrait?

  6. Ha ha! Excellent! I love your self placement on the middle two. The Ttv is cool too. I just saw a guy on Redbubble who did an iPhone Ttv nude through his Hasselblad and it was great.

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