Guest Photographer: Anne McGinn

The Dark Season
by Anne McGinn

‘The world goes dark and deep

In the winter months.

Life lays fallow.

We wait in shadows

Fallen leaves are covered

In a silent white robe from the sky.’

Today’s guest photographer is Anne McGinn, who lives in Los Angeles, California. She tells us: “I am a digital photographer and image maker. In my work I seek to express emotion, reveal beauty, and explore the liminal edge between reality and dreams.”¬† You can see more of Anne’s wonderful work on Redbubble. (The Dark Season: Digital photo montage)

15 thoughts on “Guest Photographer: Anne McGinn”

  1. Anne, love the deep colors and your visionary style. I wrote a poem once that seems to fit your work: “She has her yes, she has her no. In the spring it rains, in the winter it snows.”

  2. Like another world Anne to delve into…deep and alluringly beautiful
    Glad to see some new work from you Anne !

  3. Wonderful work, I love the colors and mood you captured! Great stuff, congratulations!!!

  4. Wow! I’m not normally a big fan of composites, but this is just so beautiful! Applause, Anne!

  5. Beautiful and thought provoking. The colors are magnetic, luring the viewer deeper and deeper into the dark forest. A great illusionist.

  6. Wonderfully dark….
    This image reminds me of how I used to feel about Grimms’ Faery Tales… the proper original ones where we truly didn’t know what lay in the trees.

  7. This is a really beautiful image Anne! so nice to see you as a guest here.
    You have certainly “revealed beauty and expressed emotion” with this photo.

  8. Anne, you rock, your photo rocks, and I’m glad to see you haven’t washed away in all the rain. I had to ask J. Harvey to explain liminal to me, but after he did I still didn’t understand. No matter, your photo is wowzerrific!

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