Aamora Guest Photographer: Chris Whitney

Aamora welcomes our special guest
Photographer Chris Whitney
Visit his website
{mono lake and cloud}


“I want to acknowledge the world
with my photographs
more than being acknowledged
for the photographs I create.”
– Chris Whitney
{lone bristlecone}
{looking out}
{lenticular swirls}
{mono sunset}
Chris uses digital cameras to capture fleeting moments around town, but especially enjoys using his 4×5 large format camera to capture grand landscapes and their details.

He enjoys traveling California’s Highway 395 from Lone Pine to Lee Vining, visiting favorite destinations. When not exploring favorite California landscapes, Chris enjoys finding images in everyday life, especially around his home and garden.
You can find Chris’s photography in several publications including: Black & White Magazine, JPG Magazine, Life Images, Honeyland Review, F-Stop Magazine, & The San Diego Union Tribune.

12 thoughts on “Aamora Guest Photographer: Chris Whitney”

  1. I’m a longtime fan of Chris’s wonderful work. What a joy to see his beautiful, elegant and soulful images here.

  2. what a glorious celebration of mother nature’s beauty Chris, thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way

  3. Chris, I always find your work so inspiring! I took a trip to Mono Lake because of the fabulous photos you’ve taken there. Beautiful series, with some pretty amazing skies.

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