Welcome New Aamora Member: Diane Peterson

Aamora Friends, please help us welcome

Photographer Diane Peterson

as an aamora contributing member

{Broken Windows}
{District 41}
{Ferdianand House}

Welcome Diane Peterson, as the newest member of aamora.

American photographer Diane Peterson is an aamora member living on the northern prairies of Idaho. View Diane’s work on her website, her blog, on Holgaville or right here on aamora.

18 thoughts on “Welcome New Aamora Member: Diane Peterson”

  1. Your work is wonderful and your ability to capture the mood, or perhaps set your own, draws me in even more! Exquisite presentation!

  2. Wonderful work, Diane. I love District 41 – that’s a screenplay, for sure. Welcome and can’t wait to see more of your dreamscapes.

  3. You have all been so generous with your praise..I appreciate it more than you know..Thank you again!

  4. It’s always a treasure to look at your work. Your ‘vernacular America’ is direct descendant from the photo of W. Evans. Perhaps less documentary, but equal of intense and wonderful.

  5. Diane, all three images are wonderful – wistful, not sinister. Way to burst onto the Aamora stage with this GREAT series.

  6. To all my friends who commented..You are all too kind..I am so “young” to this world of photography so everyday is an adventure! …convenience is working with my Nikon D80 or Canon but what I truly love is film..just can’t get away from it! Good thing these old cameras can be had for a song!…I am continually coming across a new one to try!
    thank you all again!

  7. Hi Diane,

    I love seeing your images here, I feel like I’ve stepped back in time and I’m exploring a very different world from the one I know. My favorite is “Ferdinand House”, I love the swirling feel in the foreground and the road on the left leading into the unknown.

  8. Good to see you here! There goes the neighbourhood…!
    Such a wonderful selection of images. Broken windows is my favourite of the three.
    Great stuff.

  9. These images shot with your vintage Kodak camera are really beautiful and full of atmosphere. I always enjoy looking at your work and do hope you and Gary will let us see some of the results of your collaboration on Aamora.

  10. Your images of rural decay fascinate me. This combined with the vintage camera equipment used, makes me think these photographs were taken over 100 years ago. Such a great feeling.

  11. These old school cool shots remind me of the time my son Todd wanted me to drive from our home in Westerly, Rhode Island to his new digs in San Diego, CA after his graduation from Penn State. Todd said he’d like to take a little detour to Sandpoint, Idaho to see a friend from college. Some “little” detour, as remarkable in some ways as your Brownie Bull’s Eye photos.

  12. These struck a note with me. I particularly liked what I saw in the distance. I would love to see this camera and Diane, work on that elusive beauty, which sure is, and capture the areas BETWEEN the structures. So evocative of a time when we had them…. But, always, juxtaposed with something…..

  13. It’s not difficult to imagine the people that worked and lived in these abandoned places. Often there’s an odd sense of timelessness when near them… as if maybe the inhabitants faded out like old photographs rather than actually left. The past seems not so distant and these images seem to preserve what is left of it.

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