Rainy Day Impressions: The Red Bouquet

the_ red_ bouquet001

These images became a reality in a “sun shower”. The light changed as a drenching rain accompanied a brightly shining sun….color condensed as if polarized. I  focused to give the effect of a quick glimpse….a dreamlike image using what mother nature provided.

the_ red_ bouquet002the_ red_ bouquet003the_ red_ bouquet005

Jim Ford shares his motto: “Wandering is one of my passions…where it leads me is not as important as what I see along the way” Enjoy more of Jim’s work on his photostream or searching his other contributions to aamora.com.

He tells us: “I have a BFA degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with traditional printmaking as a major. I also have a MA degree from SUNY Oswego with a major in digital photography/photoshop and art history study in surrealism.  I worked in custom color labs and communication companies when I was younger and have taken photographs for many, many years. I have also been employed by SUNY Oswego for the past twenty-five years doing the same and soon to retire. I explore, search, record and present images of my daily life in the fine art tradition. My creative universe is expanding and I welcome it with open arms.”