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A big thankyou out to all our contributors and supporters over the year. Looking forward to a 2018 full of creativity and Art!

January 7th 2017-interview with Laura Boston Thek


January 15th 2017-“Rising Wind” by Jim McKinnis and Nika


January 24th-“Geografica” by Antonio Lovison

January 31st-interview with Rhio9


February 9th- “My favourite things” by Linda Bowman


February 21st- “Tammy Bouncing” by Jim McKinniss


February 28th – “Handcrafted Surrealism”by Richard J Smith


March 9th 2017 – interview with Harry Snowden



March 22nd 2017 – “Sgt Steve Wilson’s South East Asia kids of the Vietnam war” by Steven A Wilson


April 11th 2017 – “Frozen Pond” by Penny Trim


May 12th 2017 – “What has changed” by Carla Cantore


May 26th 2017  – “Hand_arm_headstone” by Jim Mckinniss


June 5th 2017 –  “Delhi Life through a 6X6 square” by Kale Taylor


June 9th 2017 – “Haiga Selfies” by Nika


June 26th 2017 – Street Photography by Johnny Goode



July 4th 2017 – “The Transformation of things and deception ” by Gwen Wilkinson


August 25th 2017 – “Delmarva Dreaming” by Jim Ford


September 7th 2017 – “Wonder Dogs” by Marie Wilson and friends


September 17th 2017 – “A Pocket full of Architecture” by Colin Gilbert


September 26th 2017 – “One Breath” by Jim McKinniss and Nika


November 7th 2017 – “Sicilian Style” by Robin Hynes


November 30th – “The Rehearsal Redux” by Fred Shively

Wishing everyone a great 2018 from aamora!