Amorphous I

Amorphous II

Amorphous III

Amorphous IV

This sequence of large scale digital composites depict fictional still life scenes using found natural and artificial materials. The images broadly reference the 19th century Dutch and Italian culture of still life painting, mimicking elements characteristic of the genre, such as, single light source and exacting detail. The deliberate composition of the images hint at an infinitely larger scene, a mysterious “other world” beyond the presented frame.

Deception I

Deception III

Limbus I

Matter I

As a visual artist I am repeatedly drawn to the medium of photography. Its ability to incite memory, convey narrative, reveal details which the human eye either overlooks or simply does not see, I find exciting challenging and rewarding.

Central to my work is an exploration of the intersection between nature and artifice, metamorphosis and decay, dreams and reality. Through a range of landscape and still life photographic studies I try to convey a sense of enigma and the unexpected.

In my creative practice I work with a variety of photographic techniques ranging from historic analogue methods such as cyanotype and wet plate collodion to cameraless digital composites. Each process has a unique character and requires a different set of skills and level of interaction. The processes and materials are integral to the works expression.


Gwen is a visual artist living in Ireland. She studied for her Masters Degree in Fine Art (Media) at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Her practice includes sculpture and photography. Gwen is the recipient of several arts awards including the prestigious Golden Fleece Award in 2011 and the Artlinks Award in 2009.  Her work has been exhibited in Ireland, UK and the USA.

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