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This summer the aamora community lost one of our most talented and best loved friends.

Claudia Luthi was known to many of us over the years through photo sharing sites, group projects and her blog .

Thanks to her, an international photographic project called “The Shoe from Peru” came to life and involved photographers from around the world.

shoe by Claudia

Claudia wrote-

“  In January 1998, during the El Niño phenomenon,  the city of Ica was severely flooded by the river. Several months later one could find people’s belongings scattered along the dry river bed – especially, shoes. I found the shoe in July or August of the same year, about 70 km southwest from Ica, in a place called Samaca. It was a girl’s shoe, made of shiny patent leather, like they use them here for the First Communion. Although it was obviously used, it was in almost perfect conditions, faintly shining in the hard sunlight. What could be the story written in its wrinkles? Where was its pair? Who was the girl to whom it had belonged, and what has happened to her?… That lonely shoe, lying there in the dry sand, touched me deeply, and I couldn’t resist picking it up and taking it home, after shooting a photo of the exact way I had found it. So there it was, in my flat in Lima, gathering dust on some shelf, till I joined 15×100”

15×100 was founded by Struan Oglanby and the Shoe project started there, but when this group folded, the Shoe lived on and has now been immortalised by numerous photographers in diverse nations.

Hopefully we can now launch the project as a book and exhibition in memory of Claudia.

Claudia’s Facebook page now has many tributes from friends who knew her personally and virtually.

Claudia will be sorely missed at aamora.

Claudia’s posts on aamora recently-

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