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What can be said about street photography that hasn’t already been said? Probably very little, but here goes. 

My name is Kale Taylor. I’m a Canadian photographer living currently in New Delhi, India with my wife and son. 

I keep myself busy with teaching photography, taking commissions here and there and wandering the back alleystreets of Delhi with my trusty Hasselblad medium format camera. 

For me, the medium format 6×6 works very well for street photography. I do not have the speed and adaptabilitto changes as quickly as a 35mm, but the slow pace of the medium format forces me to consider my scenes carefully, to compose, to meter, to compose again and then wait. To wait for that magic moment for something to come along. I don’t 

always know what it will, or should, be but when it comes I know it. 

Another benefit to the slow nature of shooting medium format with a tripod is it allows you to spend a lot of time in one place and to get the feeling, pace and rhythm of the street. I find the busier the street or alley is, the slower I should be moving in order to capture it 

the way I want to.


Please enjoy a few images from my work. To see more film related images of India, China and Philippines go to www.clear-photography.com