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THROUGH A TINY HOLE by Diane Peterson

I have always been a creator/ builder/ maker of “dolls” in one way or another.  I made my first doll at eight years old for my sister. The “mannequins” are simply an extension of my doll making. I had made a few mannequins for friends with fabric and clothing shops so when I needed a “body” to use in picture making I decided mannequins might work for that as well.

I like the slightly odd and off beat way they look and they are fun to use in “story telling” when I do pinholes. I do get some comments from those thinking they are “weird” or scary. I am not particularly bothered by this!????

For me, pinhole photography is far more creative than regular photography especially when making anamorphic images and the creative angles you can arrive at with handmade pinhole cameras. I do use “normal” film cameras but always come to the same conclusion, ….I would love to see how this looks using a pinhole! You are only limited by your imagination when working with pinhole cameras. They almost seem like “instant” photography when I use photo paper , I make an image and then quickly return to my darkroom to develop the image, one at a time. Not for everyone in our “instant gratification” society but for me it works.

I would like the viewer to come up with their own title or story behind the image.

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