For aamora’s ninth interview we’ve asked our pin-hole queen, Diane Peterson, to answer our questions.


Chloe and Gemma

Why photography?

I have been creating art in one form or another since I was eight years old. I think photography was a natural progression for me. Whenever I created costumes, dolls, window displays or any other art I would think about how this “thing” would look as part of a photograph.


Amazing invention methinks. Almost overwhelming the number of apps that have become available for the average guy to create a work of art with a cellphone.


Digital v. Film – still a topic?

For me personally film and paper are the answer, but I know many still like the idea of that instant picture. I am not much interested in instant gratification so the little extra time involved in shooting film or paper just works for me. I have talked to several artists who would not think of using anything but digital and to be honest the work they create with a digital camera and the hours of work with photoshop or other editing tools is amazing. I think there is room for everyone in this film versus digital world we live in..


Is the equipment important?

Only in how it is important to the artist. We should look at art for art sake and not try to analyze what equipment was used to make the art. I personally don’t care in the least if someone is using a Leica, a Holga or other plastic camera. The result is what I will be impressed with, or not. After awhile it becomes pretty obvious that some “photographers” are more interested in telling eveyone about their latest pricey lens acquisition. For pete’s sake, just go take a picture!

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How did you learn to photograph?

Self taught, and reading everything I can get my hands on about technique. When I first heard of “pinhole” imaging I was amazed and purchased every book I could find. I am still learning after almost 6 years but I love that part of anything creative. Finding your own voice or “eye”.


Are photographs “taken” or “made”?

My take on this is “made”, I use a lot of props and “make” something interesting, hopefully to capture the viewers eye.


Is photography art?

Without a doubt. I have spent a lot of time in some of the great museums of the world but I have to say that a lot of paintings are kinda wasted on me. I much more enjoy photographic images..they seem to have more “life”.


Where do you go to look at photographs?

Anywhere and everywhere. I try to read and follow anyone out there doing photography. I like investigating how they work, what drives them, what are they passionate about.


Who is it for – you or them? 

Definitely for me..if it doesn’t please me I many times start over. I have done several images that I consider just “so so” and then tons of people will express their feelings about the images and I soon realize they are seeing something entirely different in the picture.

the Guild

The Guild

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