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Darkroom work by Laura Green Hartley

celtic crosss LGHartley aamoraceltic cross


daphna abandoned LGHartley aamoraDaphna abandoned


grace jake frank LGHartley aamoraGrace Jake and Frank


amber with child LGHartley aamoraAmber with child


Old Hollywood LGHartley aamoraOld Hollywood


hattrick LGHartley aamorahat trick


barkerwithJack LGHartley aamoraBarker with Jack


“I am largely a dark room photographer. I enjoy the tedious process by which a single snap of the shutter onto film becomes a black and white photograph that will last well over 150 years. For me, the effort to click that shutter, and that discernment of that chosen moment, frozen in time, are worth such tedium. I only hope that my audience understands, once having viewed that moment, why I saw it worthy to have captured it forever. I enjoy photographing people and animals in unusual paces, with ambient/existing light. I never use outside lighting or flash, and prefer to capture a moment exactly as I have seen it. I don’t use a lot of electronic enhancement, and really enjoy having the ability to capture that one moment as it is, without imagining changing it later. I scan my photos, and sometimes, alter the contrast, but that’s about it. As in life, there ARE imperfections! I also use a digital camera once in a while, especially for color work, as it is just much, much easier. But the very ease of digital photography is exactly why don’t use it much. I witness too many unworthy images getting played out as “art” this way! There is no development of the eye or discipline! I’m a dinosaur.  I want the struggle, and I want the moment to have earned its place in its frame, and in time. I have a BA in Fine Art Photography, and a Masters in Photojournalism. I am from Louisiana, but live in Oklahoma with my animal rescues, my husband, and a world of images, ready to be made.”

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