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TORONTO FLASHBACK – the 80s by Avard Woolaver

Crazy Joe's Flea Market, Toronto, 1983

Crazy Joe’s Flea Market.Toronto 1983

Eaton Centre, Toronto, 1980

Eaton Centre, Toronto 1980


Gerrard and Jarvis, Toronto, 1980

Gerrard and Jarvis, Toronto 1980

Kensington Market, Toronto, 1983

Kensington Market, Toronto 1983

Queen and Bathurst, Toronto, 1984

Queen and Bathurst, Toronto 1984

Yonge and Elm, Toronto, 1982

Yonge and Elm, Toronto 1982

I moved to Toronto in September 1980 to study photography at Ryerson. I lived downtown from 1980 – 1987 and did some street photography during that time as well as paying portrait and editorial jobs. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, so living in downtown Toronto was quite a novelty for me. In a sense I was seeing the city with fresh eyes, and from a country perspective. I’m 57 now with many years of experience behind me, but this is how I saw Toronto in my early twenties.
These days I live in rural Nova Scotia–back where I started. Living in Toronto for twenty years had such a big impact on me, and if nothing else, these photos demonstrate my close connection to, and affection for, this wonderful city.

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