Nothing like a heaping helping of soul food to transcend my inner stuckness, so I packed my camera bag last October and headed up north to Columbus, Ohio, USA. Time for a workshop hang with one of my fav artists, Nick Fancher, to get my GLOW on.

Nick’s soul food included a menu of photographic techniques that included plastic wrap, plexiglass, coconut oil, prisms, a moldy lens, two willing humans, and a couple fluid ounces of color grading, to serve up this glowing feast for my soul. The in-camera techniques create conditions that create visible aura-like effects.

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For those of you interested, I stirred the pot with a Sony A7R3 and a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with an old  Lensbaby Edge80/Composer Pro attached. Nick loaned me his Canon with a moldy lens for one setup.

Soul satisfied!

For more of Jim’s work go to his website and his Instagram page

An earlier contribution of Jim’s for aamora – CHROMO BLAST

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