CHROMA BLAST by Jim Robertson

For two days near the end of January, 2020, I spent time with one of my favorite editorial & commercial photographers, Nick Fancher (, his assistant Seth Moses Miller (, and nine other participants for Nick’s Creative Portraiture Workshop in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  I encourage you to check out both of their websites and even attend a workshop if the opportunity arises once things settle down in the post coronavirus world. My hope is that their works along with this small sampling of mine here will bring a blast of color into your locked down world.

Colors were enhanced in post but all effects were captured in camera with lights, colored gels, projections, props and shutter dragging.

I had a joyous time creating these images with Nick and Seth. Hope you find some joy in the sharing.

Jim Robertson is a founder member of aamora , -his website for more of his work and his Instagram account and his second account -creative portraiture

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