WRITTEN IN MILLSTONE GRIT (part one) by aamora member Fred Shively

To know and love Yorkshire, particularly the West Riding, is to understand the role of 
millstone grit.  In its walls and buildings. Soot covered, moss encrusted. Hewn in blocks, carved into gargoyles and statuary. Laid by hand with or without mortar. Hopefully these images capture what to me is the the very heart and soul of this region.

_Bridge & canal, Todmorden, Yorkshire. Photo by Fred Shively.

Former worker's cottages, Titus St., Saltaire, Yorkshire, England. Photo by Fred Shively.

Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Photo by Fred Shively.

Mill building at Dean Clough, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Photo by fred shively.

Slaithewaite 2, Yorkshire. Photo by Fred Shively.

Fred Shively was born in Pennsylvania USA. After studying radio and TV journalism at university, he moved to England and began a long career in advertising and corporate communications. Working with outstanding designers, photographers, musicians and filmmakers helped shape Fred’s skills and creative vision and feed his curiosity.

 Fred’s work has been shown in several US East Coast galleries, in various UK magazines, on various websites and in galleries and publications in Spain.

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